Interested in joining a YPO Chapter nested in the beautiful Naples and Southwest Florida area?
Make YPO Southwest Florida (SWFL) Integrated Chapter your home.
Our Chapter
Our SWFL YPO Chapter empowers members to determine their level of participation with low Chapter dues of only $500. All events are “user pay”, meaning you only pay for events you attend. Regardless of where you are in your YPO journey, the SWFL Chapter will provide only-in-YPO moments for you
What We Offer
With over 265 members and growing, we have an immersive Chapter education program, member-only and spouse/partner-only monthly luncheons, networking events, social events, and other special interest activities. With forum being an integral part of the YPO experience, the Chapter offers member forums, spouse forums, microforums, and couples' forums. Our Chapter also provides a Concierge service that affords each member and spouse the ability to tap into the entire Chapter network to offer or request information, advice, or other items. This is in addition to our Chapter Message Board which allows targeted communication between members and spouse/partners.

Monthly Chapter Events

Seasonal Member Forums

Couples Forums

Chapter Concierge

“The SWFL Chapter has allowed Julie and me to continue our YPO journey after we moved to Florida. We have developed close friendships, experienced fantastic Chapter events and trips, and enjoyed meaningful interactions in Couples Forum. The spouse activities have been important to Julie and opened the door to several Chapter Spouse Forums. Each year as new members join the Chapter and share their experiences it becomes even more important to our life.”
Steve & Julie Smith, Founding Chapter Chair 2004, YPO SWFL Gold Chapter

“We chose YPO SWFL because of the shared lifetimes of experience we find with our colleagues here. We all were in YPO once and we share that. Now we are in a different place in life, and we share that. It's unique and it's energizing!”
Jack and Graceann Hoopes, Commonwealth Capital, LLC, Past YPO SWFL Chapter Chair

“Our Couples Forum participated in a Super Retreat by renting a barge and traveling down the Rhone River, stopping for biking, a cooking class at Rabanel (a Michelin 2-starred restaurant), and various wineries. It was a week of activity, fine dining, and great camaraderie. As YPO SWFL Gold’s first Couples Forum more than 10 years ago, our Forum continues to thrive and learn from each other.”
Hy and Phyllis Ackerman, Founding Members, YPO Gold Toronto & YPO SWFL Gold, Members since 2004

We welcome you to join us in the YPO Southwest Florida Chapter.